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Xaviera Bryant, Founder

Atlanta, GA
Ice Cream Conversations Ice Cream Conversations
Xaviera tells her story in her own words from her home office in Atlanta.
Scooping up celebrity news

With a zest for celebrity news, Xaviera Bryant started dishing the latest scoop on her blog, Ice Cream Conversations. Soon enough, her lively reports on Beyoncé, Ellen DeGeneres, and Waka Flocka began to gain a loyal audience, and she suddenly found that ad revenues from her hobby equalled what she was making at her day job. That's when she decided to focus on the site full time. "I had a conversation with my husband and I said, ‘You know, I really feel like I can do this.'" She was right: with help from SHE Media, a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Xaviera now uses Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager to earn ad revenue from visits to the site. "Within one year of working with SHE Media, I became a six-figure blogger," Xaviera says. What does her husband think? She hired him, and now he works with her from their Georgia home.

“AdSense gave new content creators an opportunity... I just used my natural talent and something that I love and created a career for myself.”

About the Publisher

Xaviera Bryant is CEO and Editor of Ice Cream Conversations, a pop culture website and podcast where she serves delicious scoops of entertainment and celebrity news. She's been featured on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and covers red carpet events, movie premieres, and celebrity interviews.
Xaviera Bryant